New Horizons Estates is a real estate company based in Barcelona, Spain. We offer expats and investors a full range of investment opportunities and real estate services designed to help them buy, build or invest in real estate here in Barcelona, Spain, Tenerife, or the Dominican Republic.

We have a diverse, experienced team of real estate professionals, contractors and builders who can help you make your dream of owning property in paradise a reality. If you’ve been considering making a property purchase or investment abroad, we strongly urge you to look at opportunities in our three areas of operation.

No matter which of our operating areas you are thinking about buying or investing in, we have investment opportunities that you can take advantage of and start generating passive income almost immediately. If it’s not income property, but your dream home that you are looking for, our team of well-connected real estate professionals can locate the kind of exclusive listings that you will appreciate. And if we can’t find the exact property you want for sale, our construction team can build it.